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Switch to safety with the STAR Technology!

The continuing development of the CEWA GUARD monitoring system has led to the creation of the Switching  Technology  Advanced  Revision, or “STAR” for short. This CG-STAR technology allows different switching modes to be implemented in one and the same circuit, and the switching mode of each individual luminaire can be re-programmed at any time.

As a result, this technology offers not just the proven CEWA Guard safety when it comes to operating a safety lighting system, it also gives planners the confidence and flexibility of knowing that the system can respond and adapt at any time to any changes that are made to a building and its use.


STAR+: STAR Technology now available for AC Safety Power Sources

STAR+ offers all the known benefits of our STAR technology, now also for AC safety power sources. It is the perfect symbiosis of CEWA GUARD and STAR technology.

With the help of the STAR+ technology the Automatic Test System AT-S+ individually monitors each CG-S luminaire (up to 20 per circuit), and it does all this using the power supply cable alone.

The new STAR+ technology allows the switching mode of every connected V-CG-S luminaire to be freely programmed within a 50 or 60 Hz supply network using the system‘s controller. This means that maintained light, switched maintained light and non-maintained light modes can be combined in one and the same circuit – there is no need for separate data cables! 


Your Advantages 
The number of outgoing circuits needed can be sharply reduced, since continuously operating, stand-by and switchable permanent lighting can be realised in one common circuit.This allows the use of shorter cable distances, reduces installation costs and minimises the effects of burning materials. Any mode of operation can be assigned at a later date – without encroachment in the lighting installation. This enables simple project planning without having to take all possible types of operation into account.

As with CEWA GUARD technology, the STAR and STAR+ technology requires no additional data cable to the luminaires . 





Central Battery System ZB-S Automatic Test System AT-S+ for AC Safety Power Sources