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Inspection & Maintenance


CEWA GUARD (CG): The basis for a convenient maintenance and inspection of centrally supplied systems

When an emergency lighting system is put into operation, it is in perfect condition. What, however, counts more, is its reliable functioning in case of emergency, regardless of whether that happens after 4 weeks or 5 years. Maintenance, service and inspection are the prerequisite for that reliability.

That is, of course, expensive. Luminaires and batteries must be replaced. Apart from regular visual checks, all luminaires must be submitted to function and duration Tests. Test data and system-related information must be documented in a log book. CEAG  emergency power supply systems with CEWA GUARD functions considerably simplify maintenance, service and inspection and thereby provide for a distinct reduction of costs.

CEWA GUARD is a self-testing and monitoring system. That means only one cable for:
• AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz power supply
• DC 220 V power supply
• data transmission

No additional shielded cables are required to operate the system. The short-circuit-proof L/N connection provides for a safe and reliable functioning of the system. The backbone and brain of the system is a microprocessor which controls and monitors all functions, stores any changes of the status and passes information to an overriding monitoring and display system.


CGLine: The safe and convenient self-contained luminaire system

With simple self-contained luminaires, a push button on the luminaire has to be pressed and the result recorded in an inspection book to comply with the legally specified function test and duration test.

CEAG offers a convenient solution for this with CGLine technology. This automatically implements the required function tests and duration tests. The corresponding test results are indicated directly on the luminaire. 

The full potential of the CGLine electronics is however firstly applied when the luminaires are connected via the series interface to the higher-level CGLine monitoring system, the CGLine Controller 400 or CGLine WEB-Interface. These enable among other functions the central monitoring of the luminaires, blocking of the installation e.g. with idle operation and minimisation of specified log book effort via saving of the data to an SD card. In this way larger projects with many self-contained luminaires can also be operated economically, and safety can be monitored in compliance with standards.


CGVision: A software for giant tasks

The high performance CGVision visualisation software controls and monitors even large-scale safety lighting systems with maximum reliability. Up to 480 individual emergency lighting systems with over one million light points can be kept in view on a monitor in the control room. With larger buildings in particular such as airports, universities, museums, sports centres and industrial facilities, the software is the ideal partner for optimal and therefore also economical operation of the complete safety lighting. 

Web server solutions can only achieve a fraction of this compared to CGVision. Complexity and configurability are the strengths with which the CEAG software convinces. The management of the complete safety lighting is implemented with exemplary clarity and efficiency. 


CGLine Web-Interface Central Visualization CGVision