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Energy Efficiency

GuideLed: Not only our pictograms are green

The power consumption for a GuideLed escape sign luminaire is about 70 per cent below the consumption of previous luminaires with fluorescent lamps. Thus the consumption of the exit signs in operation is only about as high as the consumption of many electronic devices in stand-by operation. This is our contribution to environmental protection and economical use of valuable resources.



Electronic Ballasts: Reduced battery capacity costs with settable luminous flux ratio 

CEAG offers a wide range of special ballasts for emergency light for installation into existing light fittings. The ballasts include a monitoring module which signals the luminaire’s current status to the central emergency lighting system.

This means that only one ballast must be installed into the luminaire, safe operation in the DC voltage range of 186 - 275 V is ensured, and the danger of specifying the wrong ballast is minimized.

By the use of efficient electronic ballasts with automatically reduced luminous flux in battery operation, a considerable reduction of energy is achieved. This saves costs and adds to environmental protection since it provides equal safety with smaller  batteries.




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