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Conversion kit LED CGLine+

  • Light source: LED
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • ENEC certified
Conversion kit LED CGLine+

The Conversion Kit LED range is designed for eonverting mains LED lighting into emergeney lighting in eonjunetion with LED modules and LED eontrol gears. lt is eompatible with the majority of all dimmable and non-dimmable eonstant eurrent mains LED Drivers for linear/area as weil as down light applieations. lt also ean be used with normal fixed output or dimming LED eontrol gear from 2,5W up to 4, 1 W emergeney output power. lt is designed in a very small 35x23x185mm housing, making it ideal for use in eompaet LED luminaires where spaee is at a premium. This range is eertified to conform with IEC61347-2-7 standard whieh makes the eonverted luminaries easily aehieve eomplianee to IED60598-2-22 standard. All models available are programmable by a jumper to an emergeney operation of either 1 hour and 3 hours duration. The output forward voltage range of 3Vde to 180Vde makes this produet range an ideal ehoiee for driving most LED modules from mains lighting manufaeturers available in the market today.

Mains input voltage 220 - 240 V AC
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Mains consumption 20 mA
Recharge period 24 h
Charging monitor Bicolor-LED eith cable length 1m
Duration 1 h or 3 h selectable
Permissible ambient temperature (ta) +5°C to +40°C
Case temperatur (tc) converter: max +60°C / battery: max +50°C
Housing material Polycarbonat
Housing colour White
Terminals mains (L/N unswitched) (L1 switched in/out) up to 1,5 mm, screwless pushwire & multicore
Output voltage Low-Voltage: 3-33 V DC
Medium Voltage: 20-55 V DC
High Voltage: 40-180 V DC
Output current

Low-Voltage: max. 735 mA
Medium Voltage: max. 240 mA
High Voltage: max. 106 mA

max. cable length 2 m (module - LED)
Battery LiFePo4 6,4 V / 3,2 Ah
IP rating IP20
Overheating protection 110°C
Short circuit protection non-inherently short circuit proof
Weightt module 125 g
Weight battery 180 g



  • Low profile casing (23 x 185 mm), for mains luminaire installation (build-in).
  • Non maintained operation with Rest mode.
  • 1h or 3h rated duration, selectable by jumper. 2h and 3h variants available.
  • Constant voltage output mode selectable by jumper: 12Vdc, 150mA max (4AA battery) / 240mA max (3Cs battery), 520mA max (LiFePo battery), 1h rated duration.
  • Compatible with all dimmable and non-dimmable constant current mains LED Drivers.
  • Maximum light output for all LED modules. Auto adjust LED current based on LED voltage for optimum battery usage.
  • Soft start on transition to emergency operation / suppress peak currents on emergency start.
  • Mains LED driver protection of operation without LED lamp: dedicated relay for disconnecting Live from mains LED driver, activating immediately after any mains failure or any test signal and before the disconnection of the lamp.
  • 4-pole technology: LED lamp change over from mains LED driver through a dedicated relay offering full isolation from mains driver.
  • Automatic shutdown of emergency operation if no LED lamp is connected on the output terminals or LED load is out of range.
  • Deep discharge protection.
  • Battery connectors for short-circuit-proof battery connection & polarity reversal protection.
  • Re-chargeable NiCd and LiFePo battery packs.
  • Test function by NO free contact / NC free conduct / Telecommand signal.
  • Monitoring system CGL+ compatible variants available.