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Self-contained System CGLine+

Eaton’s portfolio of life safety products has now been enhanced with the launch of CGLine+, its latest emergency lighting monitoring system for self-contained luminaires. The new CGLine+ Web-Controller can visualise a total of 800 CGLine+ luminaires (four lines of maximum 200 luminaires each or two lines of maximum 400 luminaires each).
The CGLine+ self-contained luminaire series are available in the widest variety of housing shapes and protection ratings, and they offer a wide range of application options.
What all luminaires have in common is the CGLine+ functionality: In autonomous operation mode (without bus connection), the electronics fully automate the necessary function tests and duration tests. Test results are shown directly at the luminaire. The full potential of CGLine+ electronics is only utilised if the luminaires are connected to the controlling CGLine+ Web-Controller using the standard bus interface.
Amongst other things, this ensures decentralised monitoring of luminaires and allows the blocking of the device, for example during non-operational periods, and reduces expenditure linked with keeping the required log book by storing all results.

Learn more about CGLine+ and download the brochure.

An overview of order numbers CGLine400 / CGLine+ is available for download (PDF).