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  • Viewing distance: 20 meters
  • Light source: LED
  • Protection class 2
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • 850° C glow wire resistant

The self contained luminaire SafeLite with rated operation time of 3h is able to operate in maintained or non-maintained mode. The luminaire is supplied with a pictogram set (Arrow left, right and down) to enable the use as an exit sign luminaire with a viewing distance of 20m. Certain accessories like IP65 kit and wire guard expands the application option for that luminaire.

Data sheet (646 KB) (PDF)
Download file (270 KB) (JPEG)
Function Use either as an emergency luminaire or exit sign
Testing system Stand Alone
Luminos flux ΦN

Emergency mode: 60 lm
Mains mode: 100 lm

Luminos flux ΦEN at the end of rated operating time 100 %
Housing material Polycarbonate, Glow wire test: 850°C
Housing colour RAL 9003
Weight 0,5 kg
Type of mounting Surface
Options: Recessed base for ceiling, cone diffuser, set of 3 adhesive exit legends (L, R, D)
Terminals 2 x 2,5 mm2  (screwless connectors)
Degree of protection IK04, IP42 (40071349554) or IP65 (40071349555)
Operation Mode Maintained & Non Maintained mode selectable
Connection voltage 230 V -/+ 5% (220 V - 240 V) 50-60 Hz
Current consumption - battery operation Ni-Cd battery - 3.6 V 0.8 Ah
Power consumption mains operation (apparent power / Effective power) Maintained mode: 4.8 VA / 4.6 W
Non Maintained mode: 4.5 VA / 4.4 W
Permissibla ambient temperatur +5°C to +40°C
Light source LED strip
Viewing distance 20 m
Insulation Class ll
Dimensions in mm 270 x 119 x 49


  • Compact self-contained luminaire for all applications (Escape route, Anti-panic, Exit sign)
  • IP42 & IP65 versions with same dimensions
  • One product throughout installation for same look and feel across the building
  • EN compliance
  • Luminaire suitable for maintained and non maintained mode
  • Accessories available for a better integration in all buildings
  • Easily installed as retro fi t due to good performance ensuring scheme compliance
  • 3h Duration
  • Latest generation LEDs with high lumen/watt ratio
  • Manual test via magnet
  • Delivered with a set 3 adhesive exit pictograms (L, R, D)