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W 270.3/4 LED, W 270.3/7 LED

  • Light source: LED
  • Protection class 2
  • Degree of protection: IP54
W 270.3/4 LED, W 270.3/7 LED

The robust LED portable hand lamp with external charger is a real all-rounder. The projector is especially suitable as a search projector with its focused light cone and long range. Equipped with a diffuser disc, the projector can also be used for work light. When used as auxiliary light with reduced output power, the LED hand projector has a long operating duration. The flashing function in combination with the red or orange diffuser disc also allows use as a reliable signal light. In emergency light mode, voltage at the mains plug is monitored and upon mains failure, operation is automatically switched to the battery source with emergency light duration of up to 25 hours.

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Filters (incl.) Red, orange, clear prismatic
Photometric data (Main beam) Irradiance l max = 3720 cd / Half value angle = 12,4°
Illuminance: 150 lx @ 5 m, 6 lx @ 25 m, 1,5 lx @ 50 m
Housing material impact resistant, non-adhesive plastic
Housing colour grey
Emergency duration 4 Ah - battery: 5,5 h Eco (main beam), 3,5 h Boost (main beam), 14,0 h (ancillary light)
7 Ah - battery: 9,0 h Eco (main beam), 6,0 h Boost (main beam), 27,5 h (ancillary light)
Battery rechargeable, maintainance free and gas tight NC-Accu: 4,8 V / 4 Ah, 4,8 V / 7 Ah
Light source Main beam: 3 x HighPower LED, 3,0 W - 240 Im (Eco) / 4,5 W - 330 Im (Boost)
Ancillary light: 6 x MidPower LED 1,5 W - 65 Im
Connection voltage (charging unit) 230 V 50/60 Hz
Rated load (charging unit) 10 VA
Insulation class II
Degree of protection IP54, charging unit: IP44
Switch function Flashlight, maintained light and ancillary light
Monitoring function Charging indication by green LED

 The charger must be ordered separately.


  • LED portable hand lamp with emergency light function: monitoring of the charging circuit and function display via green LED
  • Robust construction of impact-resistant, non-abrasive plastic
  • External charger for low luminaire weight
  • Main beam consists of 3 High Power LEDs with narrow distribution reflector optic
  • Main beam output can be set: Eco mode for longer battery operation (3.0 W) or boost mode for increased luminous flux (5.5 W)
  • Ancillary light with 6 x LEDs (1.5 W) and wide light distribution
  • More than six times the light quantity compared to variant with incandescent lamp
  • Includes three slip-on filters (red, orange, clear prismatic) for modification of light distribution and signalling
  • Flashing light function
  • Up to 14 h light (ancillary light) and 5.5 h (Eco main beam) with 4 Ah battery
  • Up to 27.5 h light (ancillary light) and 9 h (Eco main beam) with 7 Ah battery
  • Long range up to 50 m at 1.5 lx illuminance