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LED Upgrade Kit for W270.3 and W276.3

  • Light source: LED
  • Protection class 2
  • Degree of protection: IP54
LED Upgrade Kit for W270.3 and W276.3

The LED upgrade kit enables the W 270.3 and W 276.3 portable hand lamp to be operated with state-of-the-art LED technology. Only the luminaire head must be replaced. All other accessories can still to be used, including the charging parts. The benefits of LED technology are obvious: More than six times the quantity of light is emitted compared to the incandescent lamp variant, and maintenance is significantly reduced due to the long service life of the high power LEDs.

Batteriebetriebsdauer 4 Ah (7 Ah) Hauptlicht: Eco - 5,5 h (9,0 h) Boost - 3,5 h (6,0 h); Nebenlicht: 14,0 h (27,5 h)


  • For upgrading of existing incandescent portable hand lamps
  • Suitable for luminaires of W 270.3 and W 276.3 type with 4 Ah or 7 Ah battery
  • Existing accessories including chargers can still be used
  • Main beam consists of 3 High Power LEDs with narrow distribution reflector optic
  • Main beam output can be set: Eco mode for longer battery operation (3.0 W) or boost mode for increased luminous flux (5.5 W)
  • Ancillary light with 6 x LEDs (1.5 W) and wide light distribution
  • More than six times the light quantity compared to variant with incandescent lamp
  • Up to 14 h light (ancillary light) and 5.5 h (Eco main beam) with 4 Ah battery
  • Up to 27.5 h light (ancillary light) and 9 h (Eco main light) with 7 Ah battery
  • Long range up to 50 m at 1.5 lx illuminance