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ISO 7010 Pictograms

ISO 7010 Pictograms

We will be offering our current supply program of all pictograms with displays in accordance with ISO 7010 from 1 August 2013. The background for this change is the new version of ASR 1.3, "Safety and Health Protection Signage", published in March 2013.

The pictograms in accordance with the obsolete DIN 4844 version will only be available as series products to the end of 2013, and will then be completely removed from the program.

We recommend using the new pictograms in accordance with ISO 7010 for new projects. Mixing old and new versions in a single project is not recommended, as it does not help to achieve uniform and therefore safe designation.

Using old pictograms for follow-up orders is possible – but this must be coordinated according to the Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (Federal Agency for Industrial Health and Safety), (abbreviation: BAuA) for risk assessment purposes:

"If the employer does not use the adapted safety symbols for the operation of existing workplaces, then with risk assessment it must determine whether safety designations used in the workplace according to ASR A1.3 (GMBl 2007, page 674) can continue to be used."


New order numbers for the pictograms according ISO 7010 have been launched. The following tables display the new article numbers for the previous DIN 4844 types:

Feel free to contact your local distributor for further information.