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The DualGuard-S central battery system reliably supplies power to safety lighting and emergency lighting (230V AC/220 V DC), and automatically monitors itself as well as each individually connected CG-S light (up to 20 per circuit) via the feed-in line.
Thanks to the STAR technology, the circuit type of each connected CG-S light can be programmed as desired within a 50-Hz or 60-Hz supply network using the central battery system controller. This means that the same power circuit is used for mixed operation including maintained lighting, switched maintained lighting and non-maintained lighting – all without an additional data cable!
The TFT touch display, available in a 4.3" or 7" design with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of flash memory, monitors and controls the central battery system in combination with a separate ACU DG-S control module. All features of the connected devices and emergency lighting are monitored automatically and any faults reported.
The integrated search function automatically detects all lights connected to the system and addressed during installation. The VisionGuard monitoring software can be accessed via an Ethernet interface.

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