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PC programming software LP-STAR

PC programming software LP-STAR

Programming software for pre-configured LP-Star memory cards for quick pre-programming on the PC and for easy reading and processing of the inspection log book memory. All data can be saved on the memory card and hard disk for documentation.

Data sheet (79 KB) (PDF)

Detailed prints of programmed system configuration with the following information:

  • Individual device name (20 characters) + 100 characters of additional information
  • Date and time of automatic duration test incl. Distance in months
  • Date and time of automatic function test incl. Distance in days
  • Manual reset: Yes/No
  • Delay in mains return: 0-99 min
  • LON switch: Yes/No
  • Capacity in Ah
  • Rated operating time in h
  • Operating limit time in %
  • Assignments of the 4 relays
  • Assignments of the 3 function keys
  • Assignments of the 8 optional inputs

Detailed print of the programmed circuits (wiring diagrams) with the following information for each circuit:

  • Circuit/ SKU number and type
  • Individual circuit name
  • Monitoring type for circuit
  • Switch type for circuit
  • Number of luminaires
  • Address and individual name of each luminaire
  • Circuit type for each luminaire

Print of inspection log book with following options:

  • Fault events (35 various fault events selectable separately or fully)
  • Inspection log book period (from – to for date and time)
  • Individual comment per print
  • For luminaire failure: Information on individual luminaire and circuit names


There are currently no features specified.