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  • ENEC certified

The new devices, which are compliant with EN 50171 and provide up to 540 W of power from a 24 V battery, are designed for distributed power supply to CEAG emergency exit and safety luminaires with STAR technology.
The LP-STAR System supplies reliable power to the escape luminaires and exit sign luminaires (230V AC/220 V DC) according to EN 50171 and BGV A3. It is suitable for emergency lighting systems according to DIN VDE 0100-718, DIN EN 50172 and E DIN VDE 0108-100.

Rated voltage AC 1 ~ 220-240 V
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Max. rated current AC 5.5 A
Rated voltage DC 19.2 - 28.8 V
Battery VRLA, 2x6 cells in series, 20 °C


Rated voltage AC 220-240 V AC / 220 V DC constant
Total current 4.7 A AC / 2.45 A DC
Total power 1080 VA / 540 W
Circuit power 345 VA / 330 W
Rated breaking capacity 1500 A @ 300 V DC
Max. rated current 24 V auxiliary voltage 6 W


Type Scope of delivery
LP-STAR 4-12 / IP54 LP-STAR-4-12 / IP54, incl. control module, 1 charging unit, 4 circuits and battery packs 2 x 12 V / 12 Ah
LP-STAR 4-24 / IP54 LP-STAR-4-24 / IP54, incl. control module, 1 charging unit, 4 circuits and battery packs 4 x 12 V / 24 Ah
LP-STAR 4-36 / IP54 LP-STAR-4-36 / IP54, incl. control module, 1 charging unit, 4 circuits and battery packs 6 x 12 V / 36 Ah
LP-STAR 4-48 / IP54 LP-STAR-4-48 / IP54, incl. control module, 1 charging unit, 4 circuits and battery packs 8 x 12 V / 48 Ah



  • No special requirements concerning the housing on functionality in case of installation in separate fire areas
  • Cost savings as E30 wiring is not required because devices are installed in separate fire areas
  • Natural ventilation is generally sufficient due to the closed form and low capacity of batteries
  • Additional safety even in case of fire due to the decentralised arrangement of systems
  • Simple operation and commissioning based on a smart programming and operating plan
  • 230V AC / 220V DC supply voltage selectable to power the escape luminaires and exit sign luminaires to comply with architectural issues
  • Standard integrated phase monitor for monitoring general power supply conditions
  • Additional phase monitor input including line monitoring for an external phase monitor
  • Standard eight digital 230 V input channels for switching each luminaire separately, for example, freely programmable
  • Optional webmodule for the automatic monitoring of LP-STAR according to EN 62034
  • Optional CG-S interface for connecting to the CG-S bus for CGVision or master/slave operation for connecting several LP-STAR devices
  • Shorter inspection time using the CEWA GUARD technology, automatic function monitoring of up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Reduced installation costs due to the STAR technology, freely programmable mixed operation of switching modes per luminaire in a single circuit without an additional data cable
  • Automatic luminaire search function
  • Plain text display at the control module for all luminaires
  • Flexible data memory for the test log and device configuration using the Secure Digital card
  • Absence of retroactive effect of different circuits in case of a short-circuit due to the automatic, selective shut-off function
  • EoL shut-off, programmable as standard