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3-PM Voltage monitoring module

3-PM Voltage monitoring module

To avoid risks from mains failures, it is necessary to permanently monitor the function of the mains lighting light distributors in order to switch on the safety lighting in the event of a fault. Thus the CEAG 3-PM modules are an important part of the safety system. If one phase fails, the CEAG 3-PM module switches a relay contact and interrupts the 24 V current loop to the emergency lighting units. All emergency luminaires in stand-by circuit are switched to continuous light. A second relay contact is used to signal the power failure.

Data sheet 3-PM (93 KB) (PDF)
Tender text (23 KB) (MSWORD)
Download file (234 KB) (JPEG)
Dimensions mm (H x W x D) 85 x 52.2 x 65, 3 subunits
Enclosure Plastic, light grey
Connection terminals 2,5 mm rigid and flexible
Type of mounting DIN mounting rail
Contact 0.5 A/24 V AC/DC, 1 x open contact, 1 x changeover contact
Trigger threshold U< 85 % UN



  • No E30 wiring due to short circuit and interruption tolerant 24 V current loop technology
  • Test button for mains/emergency light failure thus no interruption of the mains voltage necessary and thus no failures of the operational processes