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Compact power supply unit LP-STAR

The distributed power supply and monitoring system LP-STAR is a new solution for supplying power to distributed emergency lighting in separate fire areas of a building. LP-STAR is especially recommended in case of the separate supply of emergency lighting systems of individual fire areas to save on installation costs incurred by installing E30 cabling to cover different fire areas.

Should for architectural, lighting or environmental reasons the general lighting also be required to serve as emergency lighting, the luminaires can be integrated appropriately into the lighting plan and supplied from the 230 V AC or 220 V DC power network. To do so, the luminaires just have to comply with the requirements for emergency luminaires in the EN 60598-2-22 standard and a CEAG monitoring module with STAR technology must be available for monitoring individual luminaires.

Learn more about LP-STAR and download the brochure and read the press release.