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Webmodule ZB-S/AT-S+

Webmodule ZB-S/AT-S+

Webmodule ZB-S/AT-S+ for visualisation and monitoring of a central battery system, type ZB-S/US-S, or an Automatic Test System, type AT-S+, via a local ethernet (LAN) or internet (WWW) with a conventional WEB browser. Access to the webmodule via internet (WWW) must be administrated from an IT department on-site. Integrated mail-client for comfortable, event orientated failure information, for up to 5 E-mail recipients. Access via administrator account or guest account, with password protection.

Data sheet (130 KB) (PDF)
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No longer available

Supply voltage device 24 V DC
Power consumption < 1.5 W
Connection RJ45
Degree of protection IP20
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions (mm) 90 x 35 x 58
Housing Polycarbonate



  • Easy menu structure
  • Full visualisation and monitoring of a ZB-S/US-S or AT-S+ via ethernet (LAN) with conventional WEB browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)
  • Display of all actual operation modes
  • Local failure information of each emergency circuit and luminaires with destination information in plain text
  • Permanent actual information of the charging unit and battery
  • Parallel access to the web module from different workstations possible (max. 8)
  • Integrated mail client for comfortable failure notification via mail
  • Type of different failures for the mail transmission is selectable
  • Up to 5 mail recipients programmable
  • Actualisation cycle of the web browser via the web module is adjustable
  • Authenticated access via administrator account with password protection
  • Adjustable guest account with restricted access with password protection
  • Static or dynamic (DHCP) IP-addressing possible
  • Any number of modules can be operated in parallel
  • Overview display of all active web modules in local ethernet with status display and hyperlink