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DC/DC-Converter.2 (DCM)

DC/DC-Converter.2 (DCM)

The DC/DC converter.2 converts the 220 V DC battery voltage to 24 V DC and 6 V DC to supply the modules and processor. After more than 13 SKU CG-S 4 x 1.5 A or 26 SKU CG-S 2 x 3 A / 1 x 6 A a second DC/DC converter is needed. Please observe that all DC/ DC converters are operated on the same module assembly frame next to each other.

Data sheet (103 KB) (PDF)
Download file (326 KB) (JPEG)
24 V external 20 W continuous rating, Outgoing circuit with front panel connector, Isolated voltage
24 V internal 100 W continuous rating, 140 W peak rating (20 ms)


  • Supplies 26 SKUs CG-S 2 x 3 A/1 x 6 A or 13 SKUs 4 x 1.5 A
  • Incoming supply can be run via AC/AC
  • Gear tray mounting