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SKU CG-S 4 x 1.5 A, SKU CG-S 4 x 1.5 A (IT)

SKU CG-S 4 x 1.5 A, SKU CG-S 4 x 1.5 A (IT)

Hybrid operation of maintained light, non-maintained light and switched maintained light per module can be programmed with no additional data cable.

  • Up to 20 luminaires can be monitored individually
  • AC/DC switching per module
  • Easy access to fuses
  • LED indicates fault and Run/ON for each circuit
  • Supplies electronic ballast and LED luminaires
  • Service-friendly modular units are wired up and ready to connect to 3-tier 4 mm2 disconnect neutral terminals (optional)
  • Gear tray mounting 
Data sheet (100 KB) (PDF)
Download file (305 KB) (JPEG)
Fusing 2.5 AT / 6.3 x 32
Continuous current rating 1.5 A per circuit
Inrush current* 60 A per circuit / 240 A per module
Typical switch over time AC/DC approx. 450 ms
Own consumption 7.7 W

For 2 circuits: 120 A per circuit
For 4 circuits: 60 A per circuit