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Central Battery System ZB-S

As well as providing a dependable supply of power (230V AC/220 V DC) to safety and exit luminaires, the central battery system ZB-S tests itself automatically and individually monitors each CG-S luminaire (up to 20 per circuit), and it does all this using the power supply cable alone.

The new type of STAR technology allows the switching mode of every connected CG-S luminaire to be freely programmed within a 50 or 60 Hz supply network using the central battery system‘s controller. This means that maintained light, switched maintained light and non-maintained light modes can be combined in one and the same circuit – there is no need for separate data cables! The control module with its nonvolatile program memory and large graphic display monitors and controls the central battery system. It automatically tests all functions of the devices and emergency luminaires connected to it, and reports any faults that occur.