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DLS Maintained Light Switch Monitor

DLS Maintained Light Switch Monitor

By means of the DLS module it is possible to jointly switch luminaires for general lighting and circuits for emergency lighting via existing light switches in mains operation. Only the switched phase (tapping downstream of the light switch) and the respective neutral conductor must be connected to the DLS terminals. Via electrically isolated input channels the DLS module can monitor up to 8 light switches. The assignment of the light switches to the emergency light circuits is freely programmable (max. 2 independent light switches per circuit). The assignment can be altered at any time, e. g. in case of modified use or modified operational procedures. There is no problem to adapt the emergency lighting to all operational requirements without additional cost.

Data sheet (614 KB) (PDF)
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No longer available

Connection terminals/plug-in terminals 2.5 mm² rigid and flexible
Number of light switch inputs 8 pcs.