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Battery Distribution Board

Battery Distribution Board

The battery supply to a EURO ZB.1/52 system comes via a modular battery distribution board. This includes a size 00C load disconnector with a maximum conductor size of 50 mm2 and allows the connection of up to 6 slave stations to modular size D02-E18 outgoing battery circuits with related terminals for ground. The components are simply plugged on from the front and securely contacted.

Data sheet (620 KB) (PDF)
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No longer available

Rated current 63 A
Rated operating voltage 400 V
Box terminal for circulator conductor to 16 mm²
Material Polyamide (PA 6.6), 30 % glass-fibre-reinforced
Scope of delivery incl. 2 pcs. screw caps E18 and 2 pcs. D02-fuse inserts 25 A