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SKU 4 x 1 A

SKU 4 x 1 A

Circuit charger:

  • Circuit monitoring per each circuit pair
  • Individual selection and programming per AC/DC circuit pair
  • Easy access to fuses
  • LED indicates fault and Run/ON for each circuit
  • Supplies ballast luminaires
  • Service-friendly modular units
Data sheet (559 KB) (PDF)
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No longer available

Fusing 1.6 A/250 V / 6.3 x 32
Max. connected load per circuit pair 230 VA/220 W
Max. starting current per circuit 60 A per circuit
Number of circuits per module 4 pcs.
Typical switch over time AC/DC approx. 200 ms
Connection terminals/plug-in terminals 2.5 mm² rigid and flexible 
Own consumption 3.85 W