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Battery Control Module (BCM)

Battery Control Module (BCM)

The BCM battery control module is for control of the CM 1.7 A and CM 3.4 A charging modules via the Charge Control Bus (CCB). Messages such as fault, isolation fault and boost charge can be forwarded via the zero-potential signal contacts of the BCM. LEDs on the module signal boost charge, charge fault and isolation fault between the battery + and PE or battery – and PE. For simulating a battery isolation fault there are two buttons: ISO+ and ISO –.

No longer available

Charging characteristics IU
Terminals 2.5 mm² rigid and flexible
End-of-charge voltage (factory setting for +20°C) boost charge: 259 V DC, trickle charge: 248 V DC
Deep discharge protection 183.6 V DC
Potential-free signal contacts 0.5 A/24 V AC/DC