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PC Software, SD Card and Card Reader

PC Software, SD Card and Card Reader

Programming software for preset memory cards of the AT-S+ for the quick pre-programming via PC and simple reading and editing of the logbook. For documentation all files are saveable on memory card and hard disk.

Data sheet (98 KB) (PDF)



Prints for documentation: 
Detailed prints of the programmed system configuration with the following details:
  • individual name of the device
  • the date and time of automatic function tests, incl. distance
  • manual reset: yes/no
  • delay on mains return: 0-15 min
  • selective emergency light: yes/no
  • Lon switch: yes/no
  • assignments of the 5 relays
  • assignments of the 3 function keys
  • assignments of the 4 option inputs
  • number, type and individual name of the bus modules