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AE-CU - Adaptive evacuation control unit

Adaptive: Capable of changing in response to changes in environment.

Building upon decades of expertise in the delivery of life safety systems, and particularly emergency lighting technologies, Eaton’s Adaptive Evacuation System enables faster, safer and more agile evacuations, particularly when deployed alongside a public address/voice alarm solution that provides additional guidance. When installed, the system is programmed with a range of potential exit routes. Based on information from CCTV, fire detection and other devices that pinpoint the nature and location of a hazard, it can select the safest and fastest route for occupants and an appointed system operator within the building is given the opportunity to accept or reject this recommendation, so that occupants can be directed accordingly. Unlike ‘active’ and ‘dynamic’ systems, Eaton’s technology is fully adaptable and its instructions can be modified in real-time. It has been extensively tested and conforms with current regulatory requirements, although the technology is so new that standards are still to be fully defined.

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