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Hardware CG-S Bus/Ethernet

Hardware CG-S Bus/Ethernet
CG-S/IP router+ 1P. V2 for connection of CEAG emergency lighting systems with CG-S bus to CGVision via an existing on-site ethernet (with TCP/IP). Simple, building-wide connection of decentrally located emergency lighting systems with STAR technology with coupling of CG-S/IP routers+ 1P. V2 configured as clients via ethernet. Connection to CGVision can either be implemented via a USB port with the CG-S/USB interface box and a CG-S/IP router+ 1P. V2, or directly via the LAN interface of the PC. The CG-S/IP interface is required for this. Management of all CG-S network components is implemented via any CG-S/IP router+ 1P. V2 in the network configured as a configuration server and administering all participants in a channel list with their IP addresses.
CG-S/IP router connection box incl. CG-S/IP router+ 1P. V2 and 24V/1.25A DC power supply for external mounting.
CG-S/IP interface for operation of CEAG emergency lighting systems with CG-S bus technology and CG-S/IP router+ 1P. V2 via ethernet to CGVision visualisation, monitoring and programming software. The CG-S/IP interface enables connection of the emergency lighting systems via CG-S/IP router+ 1P. V2 through the ethernet directly via the LAN interface of the PC.
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Ordering specifications

  • CG-S/IP-Router+ 1P. V2 (Ethernet)
  • CG-S/IP router+ 1P.V2-connection box incl. CG-S/IP router+ 1P.V2 (ethernet) and 24V/DC power supply
  • CG-S/USB interface box, surface mounted housing, without license key, replacement part


  • Powerful amplifier modules for expansion of bus structure
  • Signal amplification and regeneration
  • Generation of CG-S network segments
  • Active interference suppression with logical filter function (router)
  • Expansion of network capacity
  • With diagnosis function
  • Visualise without limits with transmission via TCP/IP
  • Use existing ethernet-based corporate networks
  • Any media possible (copper, LAN, WLAN, glass fibre)
  • Convenient networking via standard network components