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F3 Interface for Connection to CGVision

F3 Interface for Connection to CGVision
F3 interface
The F3 interface enables connection of an F3 remote display to a CGVision monitoring facility. For remote display of central battery system operating conditions connected to CGVision.  Functionality also ensured with power failure. Blocking of emergency lighting operation for all devices connected to CGVision is possible via a key switch during idle operation times. Blocking of emergency operation does not affect battery maintenance charging. 
I/O ethernet module
  • Connection as F3 interface with F3 module (optionally available) to CGVision
  • Control and monitoring of external devices via up to seven pot. free relay outputs or up to eight digital inputs (not yet to CGVision!) 
  • Integrated web server, for control/monitoring via standard web browsers (e.g. Firefox) 
  • Blocking input (input 8) with differential loop monitoring (closed-circuit principle)
  • Integrated e-mail program, can be freely configured for up to ten e-mail recipients
  • Voltage supply either 230V/AC or 24V/DC
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Ordering specifications

  • F3 interface for CGVision (via CG-S bus), for DIN rail
  • I/O ethernet module (via LAN), for DIN rail


  • Central status display via LED.
  • Blocking function of all connected systems (e.g. via key switch).
  • Monitoring of external devices in CGVision via pot. free contacts.