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New Webmodule CG-S for ZB-S / AT-S+ / LP-STAR

Aug 01, 2017

The new Webmodule CG-S replaces the current Webmodule ZB-S / AT-S+ and Webmodule LP-STAR. New features are extensive security functions like:
- Encrypted e-mailing (SSL/TLS / STARTTLS)
- Password input with password quality check
- Encrypted Transmission (HTTPS)
In addition the Webmodule CG-S supports the new IPv6 protocol and contains a higher performance on the hardware in a slim housing, optimized for the small LP-STAR cabinet.

The Webmodule CG-S will be available in three variants:
40071361383: Webmodule CG-S with wiring set for ZB-S and AT-S+
40071361449: Webmodule CG-S with wiring set for LP-STAR
40071361450: Webmodule CG-S for LP-STAR mounted ex works