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Low Temperature Series

Jun 22, 2017

This luminaire series is specialized for environments with extremely low temperatures down to -40°C, including of both escape sign and safety luminaires. The ‘LT Series’ utilizes a new specialized V-CG-SLI module to guarantee operation down to -40oC. This module is used in combination with the existing luminaire enclosures to create new versions that are optimized for cold store environments. The luminaire’s suitability for low temperature environments is denoted by an ‘LT’ in the product name. With IP65 and IK08 or 10 ratings, the luminaires of the Low Temperature Series are ideal for mounting in external areas, as well as for wall and ceiling mounting in industrial cold store applications.

The LT-Series is HACCP certified, thus fulfilling the requirements of food law, namely EC No 852/2004.
For hygienic requirements, there are principally three applications to differentiate:
1. Dry, non-humid and without dust (for example, cold storage facility)
2. Dry and potentially dusty (for example, bakery)
3. Humid hygienic areas (for example, fish or meat processing)
The luminaire range ‘Atlantic LT CG-S’ is certified for all three hygienic areas below. The luminaire ‘46011
LED LT CG-S’ is only certified for the hygienic area ‘dry, non-humid and without dust’ and therefore not suitable for bakeries, fish or meat processing plants. Please note that the HACCP Certification does not include the resistance of the luminaire against aggressive cleaning compounds. This must be clarified in each individual case. Suitability for low temperature applications is enabled by the new V-CG-SLI module. This is available in four variants: SLI 350 for 1-8 LEDs, SLI 500 for 1-5 LEDs, SLI 700 for 1-3 LEDs and SLI 1000 for 1-2 LEDs. The V-CG-SLI module enables a new level of intelligence in luminaire technology as it is now possible to monitor individual LEDs.