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Eaton’s CrystalWay exit luminaires lead the way in style and safety

Apr 19, 2016

Date: January 2016
For Release: February 2016
Contact: Jennifer Markgraf, + 49 (0) 2921 69 757, Kristina Bergschneider, + 49 (0) 2921 69 847

Eaton’s CrystalWay exit luminaires lead the way in style and safety

SOEST… Eaton has launched a range of attractive exit sign luminaires, providing commercial buildings with a way to highlight evacuation routes without compromising interior aesthetics. The power management company has developed the highly contemporary CrystalWay range to set new design standards while ensuring outstanding efficiency and full compliance with the latest regulatory requirements and recommendations. Comprising both self-contained and central battery system options, the CrystalWay luminaires are sufficiently flexible to suit a wide range of differently-sized environments, from offices to airports.

Jean-Luc Scheer, emergency lighting product line manager at Eaton, said: “Putting in place the necessary planning and equipment to prepare for an emergency evacuation is one of the most important roles that a building owner or manager can fulfil. At Eaton, we want to make that process as simple as possible and that is why we have designed our new CrystalWay range for easy integration into a building. By taking into account aesthetic, ergonomic and technical considerations, we have created a range that will appeal to end-users, architects, facilities managers and installers, no matter what size of building they are responsible for.”

The products have been put through an eco-design process to meet environmental standards and the self-contained models are equipped with a cadmium-free Li-Ion battery. Alongside its environmental credentials, the CrystalWay range is compliant with local regulations including DIN EN 1838 and DIN 4844.

Installers benefit from the device’s minimal housing, simplified junction box and range of mounting options. The CrystalWay range is a ‘one box’ solution that is fully flexible, supplied with a choice of two pictogram heights, 100mm and 150mm, both of which are uniformly and clearly illuminated by LED luminaires. To enable a wide range of installation options, the devices offer double-sided and single-sided signage, with accessories enabling ceiling suspended and wall mounting.

To ensure optimum performance in either light or dark rooms, the self-contained variants also offer configurable levels of illumination, from 50 to 500 cd/m2.

Building owners and managers benefit from reduced operation and maintenance costs. The CrystalWay range incorporates LED technology, long-life components and compatibility with automatic testing technologies such as Eaton’s CGLine+ and CG-S systems.