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Public Buildings

Emergency lighting is commonplace in public buildings as well. Application areas here are:

  • Governmental buildings
  • Schools
  • Colleges, universities
  • Health centres, hospitals
  • Theatres
  • Galleries, museums
  • Sports stadiums

Children go to the same kindergarten building every day and students attend lectures on a daily basis in the same auditorium. And yet in an emergency situation or if panic breaks out, the direct route out of the building may be blocked. In such cases, safety is ensured via self-contained luminaires in small kindergartens and centrally supplied battery systems with visualisation software in large universities.

Reference list of public buildings


Centrally Supplied Luminaires CG-S Self-contained System CGLine Interfaces & Ballasts
Central Battery System ZB-S Automatic Test System AT-S+
for AC Safety Power Sources
Central Visualization CGVision