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Eaton's CEAG Business – The performance you rely on

With more than 100 years of company history and experience in the field of emergency lighting characterises our know-how and specialised expertise with the development of technology for improving personal safety.

Our dependable and high quality products are well-known and specified throughout the world. The passion and specialist capabilities of our employees, ensures comprehensive, future-oriented solutions and a high level of customer satisfaction. 



1906  1906 Company founded in Cologne. As early as the beginning of the century the Concordia Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft (CEAG) produced lamps for use in mines susceptible to firedamp that fulfilled the highest requirements posed on a safe source of light.
1912  CEAG awarded prize for the “safest mining lamp in the world”.
1931 Success need room for growth. The production plant of the expanding company moved to Dortmund.
1952 Production of explosion-protected light fittings in Bochum to meet the new market requirements.
1970 Emergency lighting systems now included in the product range. Formation of the plant in Soest.
1978 CEAG acquired by BBC AG, Mannheim. Explosion protected installation material completes the explosion protection field.
1981 CEAG presents the first fully automated monitoring system of the world for group battery systems called CEWA GUARD.
1986 A further step on the path to success: CEAG founds an independent business unit for Safety Lighting Systems.
1988 As a company operating independently within the Asea Brown Boveri Corporation, CEAG is part of a strong group of companies and is well-armed for the future.
1996 The CEAG Group taken over by Cooper Industries Inc., Houston, Texas (USA), Crouse-Hinds Division.
2002 Launch of the Central Battery System ZB-S with STAR-Technology.
2003 Emergency lighting business of CEAG established as “CEAG Notlichtsysteme GmbH”.
Launch of CGVision Visualization Software.
2004 Launch of Self-contained Luminaire System CGLine.
2009 Launch of GuideLed product range – energy optimized solution..
2012 Automatic Test System AT-S+ launched.
2012 Cooper Industries acquired by Eaton – new opportunities for CEAG.


CEAG is now Eaton.
The performance you rely on. 

When it comes to protecting life and property, there’s no room for compromise. The leading solutions for emergency lighting from CEAG now enhance Eaton’s portfolio of technologies designed to save lives. In the most demanding industrial, public and commercial environments, Eaton delivers top performance with the expertise, reliability and scalability that your business requires.

From class leading luminaires to central battery and automated test systems, Eaton now offers a whole new level of protection to keep your personnel safe and your business running strong.